How to Give A Thoughtful Teacher Gift

Many parents have good intentions when it comes to giving a  teacher gift. Any gift given with love is a good gift. However, there are some gifts that are usually more appreciated than others.

I have taught in one capacity or another in many different school situations, and grew up with a mom who was a teacher, so I have seen some great gifts!

The goal is to let your child’s teacher or coach know that they are appreciated, and that you recognize the time and effort they spend on your child. Teachers and coaches truly care about your kids- love them back.

When deciding on a gift for your teachers, keep these things in mind:

A Teacher Gift From the Heart

Printable note by Stephanie Corfee

The teacher gifts that are ‘save-worthy’ are the notes or cards written by parents and kids alike- notes that share appreciation, a funny story, or the child’s favorite part of class. If you only give one thing, write a note or have your child make them a card. Teachers and coaches get so much criticism lately, a heartfelt thank you goes a long way.

Give SOMETHING even if it is small

At some schools, many of the kids give their teachers a holiday or end of the year gift. Being one of the only kids that doesn’t feels lousy. I once had a student take a necklace off his mother’s dresser and sneak it to me as a gift. (I returned it to his mother of course.) Kids feel good about giving gifts to the adults in their life, even if it is something small. Teachers feel good when they feel acknowledged, even if it is something small. A handmade card is free!

Giving teachers and coaches a gift is a lesson in thankfulness and the joy of giving. A lesson many children in today’s society can benefit from.


The Gift is for the Teacher

This seems obvious, but isn’t to everyone. If you are appreciating the person, then choose a gift that fits them and something they may actually use or enjoy. Your children know their teacher, ask them what their teacher drinks through the day, what their favorite color is, or what sports team they root for. If they don’t know, ask them to find out. Packers/Bears rivalry is huge locally. My son knows which teacher roots for which team. You wouldn’t want to give a Bears fan a Packers gift! (But it is perfectly acceptable to give the Packers fan Bears paraphernalia.) 😉

Give a Gift Receipt

If you are giving a physical gift (socks, scarf, candles) include a gift receipt, even if it is not an expensive item. You want the teacher to enjoy the gift, and if for some reason you bought something that isn’t a good fit, they can exchange it for one that is.

Gift Ideas

eos gift
Photo Skip To My Lou

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Teachers and Coaches! We would love to hear your favorite gifts that you have received over the years! Share them in the comments below.


How I finally wrote my first blog post


I have toyed with the idea of blogging for a long time now. I kept putting it off, letting my inner critic and the carpool schedule win out.

But tonight is the night.

Why tonight? Why after all of that time, all of that procrastination, would I finally sit down and write?

At my small business group meeting this month I set a goal to at least register a domain and download WordPress. I was so starved for a pat on the back, that I went home that day and did it. (Small groups are the best. Find one- if you can’t- start one!)

Then I left it sit. Ignored the poor little newborn blog.

Then the emails started coming…

I had left my baby unattended and everyone wanted to point that out to me. “ isn’t up yet?” A million too many ‘WEB proposal !!!” emails.

So I am posting something- anything– hoping that it will make the emails from every web designer in India, to stop.

I promise at some point in the future I will post something useful, something to help you get more done, while working from home. In the meantime, I’m giving a shoutout to SPAM for motivating me to get things started.

Welcome to Moms@Home!